8 nov 2008

Britney Spears: Kill the light! Exclusive!

E' possibile ascoltare una versione (non del tutto fedele e in alta qualita) della canzone "kill the lights", contenuta nell sesto album in studio di Britney Spears "Circus"!
a QUESTO URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9bNnsy19ds
Vi riportiamo un piccolo pezzo della canzone:

Mr. Photographer
I think I’m ready for my close-up (Tonight)
Make sure you catch me from my good side (Pick one!)
These other (HA) just wanna be me
Is that money in your pocket?
Or you happy to see me?

Kill the Lights!
(Take ‘em out, turn ‘em off, break ‘em down)
Kill the Lights!
(Don’t be scared, make a move, see me now?)
Kill the Lights!
(I’ve seen you, watching me, watching you)
Kill the Lights!
You can’t handle the truth
What happened to you?

(The Lights) Pure
(The Lights) Satis
(The Lights) Faction
(The Lights) Lights
(The Lights) Camera
(The Lights) Action

All the flashin’, tryin’ to cash-in
Hurts my eyes
All the poses, out of focus
I despise

Eff me over, your exposure
Not the best
You want me bad, I want you out
Release this stress..

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